What are you wearing?

Question or statement.

In this case it is a statement of amazement at the  things I have been forced to witness. Recently my jaw hit the floor when I was accosted by a sight that no one should have to see in an office.  I was dumbstruck to see a large woman wearing a cropped top that exposed her midriff; a large white area that resembled  the coating that appears on a bowl of stale oatmeal.  The lumpy white mound of  visible flesh glowed in the less then flattering office lighting and I gasped


What is a appropriate to wear to the office , school and other professional environments is an age old debate.  

Well my dears this is not a joke, I can’t believe that legions of office workers come to work everyday in the most inappropriate attire. This is a work place not a nightclub, not a beach and certainly not a gym . Leave the sweats for where you sweat. Why should others be made to endure this .

Personal choice of clothing is exactly that. The appropriateness of what we wear and where we wear it tells the world who we are . Firstly you have to decide what image you want others to have of you.

Don’t be alarmed  I’m here to help following this blog will be a god send for all those out there who don’t have a clear vision of what image you want to present ,what looks good on your body type , developing a personal style and presenting a winning image.

Be the first to follow this new exiting blog and design your wardrobe,have an online stylist and learn from the best Darlings 

         Ciao for now Jandrew



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