Personal Style ; A Great Example Brigitte Bardot

Personal Style refers to an individuals mode of dressing. For our purposes here I will assume that style must be present to evaluate it. When I decided to write this post on personal style I searched my references to come up with someone who was a perfect example. What they would need to be a perfect example of personal style are certain qualities. The qualities I am refering too are , self confident, unique, not concerned with following trends and an allure that makes the viewer curious. These are qualities may be held by many but are perfected by few. My perfect example of personal stlye is Brigette Bardot. The beautiful French model and actress.


Personal Style and Why Brigette Bardot Is a Perfect Example

The French sex kitten who was responsible for popularizing the bikini had a huge influence on the world of fashion. Bardot flew in the face of the current norms while projecting her own image. She embodied style and her own personal style.

Her daring to show her bare shoulders emerging from her top was considered very risque . This lead to In fashion, the Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders) is named after her. Bardot popularized this style which is especially used for knitted sweaters or jumpers .

Bardot popularized the bikini in her early films. Her personal style was that of the young blonde partialy clad in the new creation. As early as 1952 she was also photographed in a bikini on every beach in the south of France during the Cannes Film Festival.

Bardot had her own style when it came to her hair and makeup. Whilst popular fashion was much more coiffed Bardot often wore her hair messily tied up in a band . Her make-up was minimal except for the black cats eye liner which identified her.

Bardot wore clothes that not only flattered her form but were also comfortable. Comfort was rarely a consideration at the time. While other stars visited the ateliers Bardot perfered her own style. Her dresses ,often day for evening were shortened and instead of pumps , ballet flats . It is reported that Bardot requested Repetto the famous makers of ballet shoes to design her one ‘s to wear on the street. The ballet flat as street wear was born. Bardot sporting red ballet flats with cropped trousers and her namesake top created her personal style.

Bardot’s Personal Style that of an Icon

Oh la la now that’s how it’s done. Bardot has long since left the public eye and this last year she celebrated her 80th Birthday .,although she retired from the entertainment industry her impact on fashion lives on,

Many young women of today owe a debt of gratitude to the iconic Bardot for the great impact she has had on style. The next time you toss your hair loosely up or you coyly expose your shoulders from your sweater think of the French siren and say thanks for taking risks . Style often is about just that, having the guts to take risks ,not to just follow trends but to set them.

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