Audrey Hepburn……..All Time Fashion Icon

Ask almost any woman who her fashion icon is and they will answer Audrey Hepburn. The impact that Audrey Hepburn still has in fashion circles today is beyond measure.

Audrey Hepburn started  out her career as a dancer.Young Audrey brought grace , posture and a sense of ease to the screen. She commanded our attention and we gave it.

Born in Belgium in 1929, Hepburn came to the world’s attention with a breakout role in Roman Holiday for which she won the 1954 Best Actress Oscar. Her career moved fast and her next film Sabrina not only cemented her status as one of Tinseltown’s finest, but introduced her to the designer to whom she would become muse – Hubert Givenchy.

 Audrey Hepburn and the Design World

Givenchy not only designed Miss Hepburn’s costumes for film but also her personal wardrobe. Hepburn expressed that Givenchy gave her a style and she ran with it. When I think of Audrey Hepburn I think of class . Both Givenchy and Heburn worked to make her style so effortless. Simple classic design was the staple of Audrey Hepburns stye.

The style of Audrey Hepburn is a timeless chic ,ask any girl today to don the little black dress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and she would be the belle of the ball. Trying to copy Audrey Hepburn s style would not serve anyone well but drawing influence and applying it might be just the answer.

There are lots of lessons on style to be learned from Audrey firstly wear the clothes in which you feel comfortable. I don’t mean be sloppy or slouchy but clothes that suit your life. Clothes that express who you are with confidence and flare.

Secondly and most importantly simplify , edit your choices , make sure that what you wear is what you mean. When in doubt less is almost always more .

Take away from Audrey what she gave to us a zest for life ,a fresh honest perspective and grace .

    Ciao for now Jandrew

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