Coco Chanel ; Fashion fades, only style remains the same


As far I am concerned the greatest fashion icon of all time is the legendary Coco Chanel, As a designer and as a woman she expressed a sense of style that was not only unique but iconic. The influence of Coco Chanel and the brand she created lasts til this day.

Coco Chanel the Early Years

 It would be a hard to debate to say that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is not the most famous fashion designer in history. The Life of Coco Chanel is the story legends are made of. Dropped off at an orphanage by her father after her mother’s death was just the beginning.  So much has been written about Chanel’s life, including films, plays ,memoirs and more. My objective here is to introduce you to the legendary design style of Chanel and encourage those interested to read more on her life.

                 Chanel’s life and design liberation came when she went to Moulins to learn be a seamstress. She eked out a living sewing in the days and singing at night. It was in the bar where she sang that she was nicknamed  Coco. Chanel’s life was changed when with the aid of her lover she moved to Paris and opened a millinery store and her design career  began in earnest.

 Chanel’s Design Aesthetic

After World War 1 the women of europe looked to liberating fashion whilst Chanel was the forerunner of these changes. Influenced by mens tailoring and fabrics that were new to women’s wear, As a result Chanel changed the fashion world .Her little black dress of the 1920’s took the mourning widows of the world into modernity.

Collection after collection  Chanel innovated women’s fashion .By therefore  first liberating them from corsets to tailoring that expressed  a new aesthetic. Chanel introduced new fabrics to women’s wear. Jersey knits, gaberdine, and wool crepe to mention a few therefore changing the fashion world forever.

The real influence of Chanel is  her personal style.A true beauty as a young women Chanel developed her own style. From the strands of pearls that she popularized to the Iconic Chanel suit her style is legendary  . Inconclusion an serious student of fashion should study the life and designs of Coco Chanel. Hence what we . take from her dedication to fashion is how she expressed her own style.

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