Dressing Appropriately,What to wear to the Office Party.

Dressing Apropriately .What to wear? The Dreaded office party or office event. What does one wear. Well my gentle readers another week comes grinding to an end.I always find Fridays are a great time to reflect on the past week.

This past week Mexicans the world over and their friends celebrated Cinco de Mayo . What really commemorates an old battle against the French has become the equivalent of St Patrick’s day for the Mexicans. So  waking up after consuming mucho tequila. (Follow me I have a point), I wonder how we handle these mid-week events that often throw  us for a bit of a fashion loop. While dressing appropriately for the office while still being  ready for a night out.

What To Wear May Not Be So Hard

What’s the option when you go from the office to the bar , restaurant , gallery or party . No body wants to be that inappropriate girl in the office covered with sequins and leopard print wearing yesterday’s sombrero . The concept really lies in layering ,accessories and makeup. Dressing appropriately for the office can still be transformed for a girls night out.

Layering may mean that the hot little black dress may work for the office with the gray sweater over and toned down makeup ,

         Choose the dress that best fits your style and put the sweater ,jacket or belted blouse over the top now that works for the office . At 5:00 when that martini calls remove that jacket add the bling from your bag give yourself the smokey eye makeover and it’s party time. Remember that depending on your office you may not want to wear anything low cut or too tight.

      You may need to consider that you need to change your shoes . But apart from that  you don’t become that odd girl on the subway with the garment bag, or better yet crammed into the washroom cubicle trying to give yourself a make over. So take a piece of advice plan your evening wardrobe ahead and remember the layers will save you!

        Ciao for now Pets love ya


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