A Classic Handbag, A Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

   Well my dears Mothers Day is just around the corner and I’ll  take this opportunity to wish all Mothers a lovely day. My own Mother passed away many years ago now and every day I miss her.

We were best friends , yes our relationship was Mother and son but our bond  was very much more than that. One of the things we enjoyed doing together was shopping. I was, for lack of a better word, my Mum’s  stylist.

I had the natural gift to choose the right clothing and accessories to bring about the desired  effect. Since then thru education and experience I have honed that natural talent and become an expert in advising one on the way to dress.

You can never force a  style onto someone you need to refine and define the persons own style. Sometimes it’s the  easiest to start with little steps . Accessories are often the easiest way to go . A great way to help refine someone’s  style is by adding one or two on classic items , what is more   classic than the handbag.

Handbags Style not Trend

 Depending on your budget this is a great gift for this Mothers Day. A stylish  hand bag can  update your look. It can be the needed  splash of color or style that truly takes average to extraordinary.So when shopping for that special Mothers Day gift consider updating her style with a flashy handbag.

Altough a handbag can be the perfect gift it is also has to chosen carefully. A signature bag is a great choice. Something I would like to suggest is something  not too different , colorful  or unique. While fashion changes style remains current. A classic bag , it doesn’t have to be the Hermes Kelly or Birkin ,but should be good quality and have classic lines. Invest in something classic and beautiful you can’t go wrong.

         Ciao for now my lovelies


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