Tippi Hendren…..Style in The Film “The Birds”

Style is the main focus of my  blog,This is Tippi Hendren who played a major role in director Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Marnie. Who would think that Tippi Hendren would make it to my list of style icons . Well today is her 85 th Birthday , but that’s not the reason ,although it did help bring her to mind.style


Alfred Hitchcock  was a perverse character and many books and recently films have been made exploring him. Hitch as he was known to both his friends and enemies had a strong affinty to blondes.It was once said that he cast blondes because they showed the blood better.

Tippi Hendren Style

The film “The Birds” was released in 1963.  I vividly remember watching it as a child. The impact that it left on most children was one of terror .The greatest impact left with me was the crisp cool look of the leading lady. She had style  while conducting herself with ease  and grace.


Style is a combination of a state of mind and fashion. Tippi Hedren In this film has it in spades while exudeing a cool aloof sexuality. The costumes for the film were designed by the great costme designer Edith Head.

How Costumes Create Tipi Hendrens Style

The leading lady Tipi Hendren only gets three costumes in the film . Therefore great skill by director and designer are needed. Hence both parties made wise choices.

The first costume is a simple elegant charcoal grey suit. The three quater sleeves  worn with black leather gloves, an oversize clutch bag and pointed toe black pumps. The effect is stunning not only being fashionable and stylish it helps Hendren create her character. Melanie the character played by Tippi ,  has a privelged social standing. The wardrobe had to project this image therefore it  had  a classic chic design. While fufiling the character needs the costume also helps with symbolism and the forboding nature of events to come.

The main costume of the film is a fitted light green dress with matching jacket. This is my favorite because of the perfect lines and elegant styling. Miss Head  knew the craft of creating character with clothes. In this case she creates character while also createing fashion. The green suit is worn with the most beauttiful mink coat ,taupe shoes ,tote and suede gloves. The green dress and coat are like a Chanel suit, crisp . cool  yet elegant and stylish.

I may have been a stary eyed little queen dreaming of the day I would click across the screen in those fabulous pumps yet I knew style when I saw it and she had style.

For those of you who  have not seen “The Birds” give yourself a treat. Inconclusion watch ,and see if you don’t agree that Tippi Hendren  is one stylish dame that’s why she’s a style  icon

       Ciao for now Jandrew