What should I be wearing?

Well my dears it’s been several weeks since my last post on this blog and I have been  thinking about what the hell do I have to write about that others would find of any interest ? To write a daily or even weekly blog one must have something to pass on to the potential followers of said blog and hopefully excite them about the topics you choose to write about.

      I know this will not be a fashion blog with pictures of dreary clothes taken by amateur photographers,or smart witty interviews with stylish people, this blog will be advice, sharing and educating on all things related to personal fashion and style. I’ll hold your hand don’t worry this shouldn’t hurt, unless you don’t follow my rules, and then the pain will be sharp and precise……

Let’s face it   most of us  choose clothes because our friends where them, just because it looks good on your skinny friend doesn’t mean you should squeeze yourself into it.You need to be realistic there is something for everyone to wear.You’ve just got to decide what looks best on you. The other way most of us choose our clothes are from advertisements ,online, in the local mall , department store or boutique and never consider what looks good our body types, contributes to our wardrobe or adds to a sense of personal style.

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The first topic I would like to address over several posts is body type.

1  The hour glass 2  The inverted triangle 3  The triangle 4  The rectangle 5  The diamond  6  The oval


Well girls if you are one of the lucky ones with an hourglass figure,half the job is already done.The hourglass is the classic desired figure of the old screen stars. A true hourglass figure is defined as where the hips and the bust are 10 inches  bigger than the waist.  The bust and hips are approximately the same size and the waist is narrow. this gives those stunning sexy curves associated with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, When dressing for the hour glass shape look to styles and fabrics that will reduce bulk and prevent boxiness and draw attention to your narrow waist.


     As you can see my dears the hour glass figure is not the shape of the past but  still holds up today you just have to know how to dress it. Firstly dresses and tops should nip in at the waist without adding extra  bulk at your bust. Adding extra bulk at your bust will throw your proportions off balance. All your tops should be fitted so that they nip in at the waist from the t shirts you choose to the more tailored blouses.Stretchy fabrics work well as long as you do not have a bulky stomach. Also concerning the top, my age old pet peeve comes out, please get yourself fitted by a bra expert. No clothes can ever look good without the appropriate under garments but alas this is a topic to big for today, so a future post will deal with undergarments and your girls.

     Look for shorter tapered jackets , belted jackets and trench coats. Short jackets should draw in towards the waist and always end before the hips.

     The wrap dress is almost always the friend of the hourglass figure, pulling the fabric in at the waist and not adding extra volume to your bust. Hourglass figures with a short waist  or petite figure may not like this style.

     The best choice of fabrics for the hourglass figure are soft fabrics like knits and silk blends.they drape over your curves, keeping your bust and hips in proportion. Please avoid stiff fabrics since they will add bulk and will make you look boxy

     Wear low,slimming necklines. Look for V necks, V neck halters, and scoop necks. Narrow necklines slim down your bust, keeping it looking balanced, and low necklines draw the eye closer to your narrow waist. At all costs avoid wide necklines like boat necks and squares, these looks will tend to make you look top heavy.

     Please my dears avoid too many details. Stay away from ruffles bows and other dimensional details , they add volume and usually placed at the bust these details make you look top heavy, if placed at the waist they tend to distract from the narrowness of your waist.

     Stick with solid colors. Solid colors will flatter your figure best. Wear dark colors and vertical stripes if you want to play down your curves.Some girls are not comfortable with there curvy figures , if this is you play down your curves by wearing dark colors and vertical pleats. To further slim you down wear tops that extend below your hip bones lengthening your torso.

     When getting to the bottom  of the matter try to keep your bottom streamlined. Look for pants, skirts and dresses that hug your curvy hips and lengthen your leg. Skirts with volume will accentuate your curvy lower half,  hug your hips and create  a proportional silhouette. Opt for classic skirt cuts. A-line and pencil skirts are universally flattering they work well for the hourglass figure they hug your curves and keep things streamlined. Again remember to look for softer fabrics as a stiff fabric will tend to make your hips look extra wide and is usually not a great look.

     Be careful with the pants you choose as many of today’s cuts tend to be ultra straight leg. The girl with the hourglass figure will always look better in  a wider leg or boot-cut trouser, the flare keeps the bottom in balance with your hips giving your leg a longer slimmer appearance.Stick with mid rise or high rise pants they will elongate your leg. Avoid  pants or skirts with embellishments at the hip. Your pants should have no pleats , flaps or large zippers or buttons,  avoid pockets and decorations on the hips.

     Finishing touches are your accessories, try and avoid flat shoes, heels are you friends. Your curvy hips may make your legs look short and stout when you wear flats. Top off your look with a beautiful necklace. Add color next to your face, a fun splash out will always help out, keep your necklace short and hug you neck , or v shaped that hang a little longer, do not wear long wide necklaces that hang over your chest.

    That’s the story for the hourglass figure , next post will deal with the inverted triangle, big boobs and no hips.

     Until next time  keep up the looks and remember you are what you wear.

     CIAO Bellas  Jandrew

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