Vintage Fashion Icon Mary Quant

 What can be more vintage fashion today than the mini skirt. Vintage fashion or to some retro fashion is fashion from another time. The 1960’s produced the mini skirt and it’s  originator was  London designer MaryQuantMary Quant had an art-school background and had been designing and manufacturing her own clothes since the late 1950s. She had one distinct advantage over previous designers: She was a contemporary of her client. Rather than of an older generation. Convinced that fashion needed to be affordable to be accessible to the young, she opened her own retail boutique, Bazaar. The Kings Road London in 1955 bcame the birhplace of the”mod” era and the Chelsea look.

Vintage Fashion now Mod Then

The influence of Mary Quant has never been recognized for its full impact on fashion. Quant’s reputation grew fast because of her “Chelsea Look” and her amazing window displays. Quant started to attract the younger market. She also created the micro-mini and the “paint box” make-up. Mary,s designs also popularized the mini skirt, hot pants, and many  more styles.

 Visit  local boutiques use your eyes,  everything around you will give you an idea of the influence of Mary Quant. She was influenced by the pop art of Andy Warhol.A mix of pop culture and history was the backdrop for Quant’s inspiration.  This also was the same time women became more vocal and more independent. She really made designs for the youth. Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll seemed to be her themin many of her designs.While  most of the girls that wore her clothes had the same mind set of sex, drugs, rock and roll.

Vintage Fashion of then Influences us Today


We would not have the variety of ready to wear that is affordable to all consumers without the fashion forerunners like Mary Quant.

Young women today embrace the clothing of Mary Quant without knowing it. Geometric designs, color blocking and Aline silhouette s are all elements of the modern wardrobe that were part of the mod influence of Mary Quant.


 The dress shown here from the early sixties is as modern today as it was then . For those of you starting out in the world putting your mark on your wardrobe choices and presentig your image consider expanding your wardrobe too include a couple of outfits that have the youthful exhuberence of the mod look of Mary Quant.

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