Fashion Icon , Is TheDuchess of Cambridge one?

Duchess of Cambridge Fashion Icon or not is the question posed.  The Duchess of Cambridge, or as many of you still refer to her Kate Middleton  took centre stage when she married Prince William in 2011. From the moment their engagement was announced the young couple was everywhere and the media coverage was unrelenting.

The status of fashion icon implies a sense of style and fashion that stands out from the rest. By this definition the   Duchess of Cambridge is in deed a fashion icon.



Fashion Icon Emerges

From her first appearances on the arm of Prince William in 2004 until the present she has commanded our attention . Wether Kate is wearing high end british designers or her latest coup from an on line shopping site she has a sense of style .  Her style and taste  cement her as Fashion icon,future Queen, and ambassador for British Fashion.

Since her fairytale marrige to her handsome Prince till the present she has endured a media focus seldom seen.  The Duchess o Cambridge held us all spellbound in a custom wedding gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. She won praise from the International fashion press for her choice. This also let her take centre stage as a supporter of British Fashion. Altogether she won the hearts of the world while becoming a true fashion icon.

Fashion Icon and Fashion Ambassador


AS a Fasion Icon The Duchess of Cambridge’s seal of approval is the ultimate honour for any fashion house .  Having the Duchess choose your brand can have a huge impact on press and the bottom line. Like other members of the Royal Family she accepts her duty to promote Great Britian. She has donned clothing  from Stella McCartney, Jenny Packham and Burberry to help Britania.

While on the  many foreign tours the Royal couple embark on ,The Duchess is always aware of the impact of her clothes.Whilst on her tour of Canada the Duchess tactically wore Canadaian -born British designer Erdm Moralioglu.

The Duchess of Cambridge is by no means the first Royal to have achieved Fashion Icon status. Her position on the world stage allows us all to enjoy her sense of stlye. Style is an elusive element that really can’t be bought or taught therefore we are drawn to admire it.


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