Spring Color: remodel your wardrobe for a new Season


Spring color; as the snow of winter and slush disappear it’s time to turn your attention to  spring color. Spring is about rebirth the flowers bloom the birds sing and spring colors are all around us . Color is the key to spring and every year new colors seem to be on trend.

Color choices do not happen by accident. Much research and work go into forecasting a seasons color trends.The experts at Pantone and other color trend and forecasting services scour the runways and designers sketches for on trend colors . If you pay attention every season certain colors will be prominent  in almost all designers collections. The science and art behind color is something to big to tackle here . There are great online resources like the Patone Color Institute for those of you who would like to understand this more. Just trust me when I say color is as a trend setter therefore not left to chance. Fashion forecasters spend alot of time looking at colors.

Spring Color makes you  Blue

The color experts  have spoken and the spring color is blue. Aquamarine , pastel and China blue are in all collections for this spring . Cooler blue tones not often associated with spring are on point. Often spring color trends are more towards pastels, hence pastel blue does work for this season.Blue runs through all the spring collections  while in a variety of shades.Using color to be on trend is not a sure thing because you must also look at cut, styling and silhouette.

So as you think about updating your look for this season remember blue. Sometimes making a few smart choices can help update your wardrobe for the season. A skirt ,jacket or slacks that can be interchangeable to create a mulitude of looks. I don’t mean that you don head to toe blue but search for the right blouse , scarf or accessory that gives that trendy splash of blue ,

Ciao for now Jandrew

spring color

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