DETAILS ; She had a beautiful necklace….

I started my career in the arts as a theatre costume designer.My first love is the details that make a great costume.  An outfit really is your costume .What does it say about you .? Your sense of style. Your role in the world, your social standing,your mood and the list goes on .

What I want you to get from this is what you wear projects who you are to the world . Sometimes you want to play a part or a role like the actor on the stage. While other times the true you is laid vulnerable before the world, The devil lies in the details , the handbag, shoes or scarf often are what often lead to that lasting impression. Thus my expression “she had a beautiful necklace”. The details complete your costume or outfit.



Details of Dressing.

Remember the importance of the small specifics of dressing. Often it’s the particulars that help you project your image on the world stage. The details of an out fit complete your look, The right shoes can make or break your look. Therefore take time to consider the elements that create the whole.

Plan your Outfit

Don’t just throw on an outfit and expect good results. Wardrobe planning is a very important skill. Remember that the look you project may get land you that next big contract or a second date. Therefore always condsider all of the individual components that make up your whole look. NO  one wants to be remembered for just having a ” beautiful necklace”. Inconculsion a well put together outfit balances all elements hence no one is more important than the other. Inconculsion taking time to plan your look  will pay off in so many ways. While you may not be aware, your first impression lasts forever.  Hence put in the effort and see the results.

Ciao for now  Jandrew



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