Wear a Hat. Does anyone still wear a hat ?

Wear a hat

Wear a hat or not. I like to think that the hat is still a worthwhile accessory. Lots of the runway shows for Spring/Summer 2015 show hats as part of their collections. With global warming and the warnings about sunscreen a hat seems like a worth while investment. Hats were always a part of both a woman’s and mans attire right up to the 1960’s. No outfit was considered complete without a hat

.As times have changed and our tastes have become more individual it is no longer expected that a woman wear a hat . In certain social circles and for certain events a hat is still considered required attire.So this summer if you attend the christening of the new Royal Baby wear a hat. If you attend a society wedding it will be expected that you don an appropriate hat. As for the rest of us , it may take a special talent to weed your way through choosing a hat from what’s available this year . Therefore let me be your guide to help  you choose the that works for you.Here are the top 3 trends for spring / summer 2015.

Wear a Hat – 3 Trends to Pick from

1 the panama inspired hat

wear a hat

The runway  is full of the Panama inspired hat . The Crisp look of this summer hat holds a prominent place on the runway this year.The typical summer inspired and effortlessly beautiful Panama and bucket hats are  presented with a number of colors and design interpretations. While  each has something unique and creative about it. Christian Wijnants, Karen Walker and Elie Tahari are some of the fashion houses suggesting opting for girlish bucket hats for casual chic summer looks. While classic panama hats in darker shades are the say of Martin Grant.

      2 the masculine boater

wear a hat

The boater is where it’s at this season.  Whether you go out for a casual Sunday stroll or a trip to for a picnic lunch. Looking back many  looks have included the boater hat most prominently as part of school girls uniform .

3 large floppy sun hats

wear a hat

This look has made it back to the runways to live another season. Many designers show these  oversized sun hats as part of their beach and resort collections. These really are the crowning glory  to wear poolside at a resort or while strolling thru the market place .

So those are my three trend setting hat styles for spring / summer.  Therefore if you decide to wear a hat be on trend !  Ciao for now Jandrew

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