Vintage Fashion Everything old can be new again

vintage fashion

Over the last years vintage fashion has taken on a new meaning when it comes to clothing and style. Gone are the days when cast off clothes became rags. As an avid lover of vintage fashion and fashion history I love vintage style clothing . Careful choices and a good eye are necessary when choosing vintage fashion . You must also consider condition and quality when buying vintage pieces for your wardrobe .

vintage fashion

Wearing vintage can be very chic but remember a few tips I have listed below

#1 Silhouette

 Silhouette . Almost all clothing choices are about the silhouette they create . Silhouette is even more important when choosing vintage pieces. Look at the silhouette of what’s on today’s runways and choose reflections of those .

vintage fashion


#2 Mix and Match

Mix and Match.When making your wardrobe choices mix and match, your entire outfit does not have to be vintage. Making smart selections may mean that you build your look by focusing on one vintage element.

#3 Customize

Customize. Fit is always important and when buying vintage .You probably don’t have the selection of sizes like when shopping for new garments.  Vintage clothing will need alterations . If you’re not handy with the singer or needle and thread I recommend finding a good tailor or seamstress.

#4 Balance

4 Balance With any look, dressing for the event is key to looking your best. As much as you would love to wear a frothy dress every day of the week,you would look just plain silly at a meeting.

For day, or work appropriate style, balance modern trousers with a 50s button down shirt. Select a 60s shift dress with chic, modern pumps. Peppering your wardrobe with striking vintage pieces builds intrigue and style.

Evenings call for more daring looks. It is much more acceptable to wear vintage from top to bottom for a night out or to a special event. A strapless cocktail dress from the 50s would look perfectly appropriate paired with vintage rhinestone earrings . Furthermore add a sparkly clutch for a big event

#5 Accessorize

5 Accessorize In the play “Steel Magnolias ” one of the characters said it best-“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

A simple black cocktail dress can go from drab to dazzling with the right vintage accessories .Try matching those 1950’s rhinestone earrings or a pair of vintage satin evening gloves. The hot look of a 1940’s suit vest or maybe a fedora can give new life to your latest jeans or cargo pants.

 Girls you are in luck because vintage accessories are readily available at most second hand boutiques or thrift stores.Finally a new world of online vintage fashion is also at your fingertips.

In closing wear what you love . Dressing in special clothing that you love gives you confidence , the root of style is confidence. The real advantage of vintage clothing is you can go forward with unique often one of a kind looks that make you a beacon of style.

 Ciao for now Jandrew

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