Summer is in full tilt. July has begun with the crowds, all wearing white ,gathering in London England.They are there to watch the world’s best play tennis.

Wimbledon  is the world,s most famous tennis match. Wimbledon attracts the elite , including Royals , rock stars and movie icons to name a few. This year is no different .

Wimbledon is the place to be if you’re a celebrity! When Beyonce  and Jay Z show up , you know it”s a big deal. The power couple attended July 8 to watch Serena Williams winning her seventh Wimbledon title. Beyonce  looked gorgeous in a high-collarded white outfit .

Not only the girls playing are wearing white , but often the crowd of celebs don crisp white attire to attend this annual extravaganza. White the  choice of brides and virgins , a summer staple is not without it’s  rules.Rules about clothe’s to us of today may sound ridiculous , but hard fast rules were applied to clothing choices and often some of them made sense and still are applied in today’s society.

Wearing White
Wearing White


The Rules of Wearing White

It used to be a hard fast rule that you did not wear white before Easter or after Labor day,  In our modern world emphasis is more on individual style rather than holding  tight to some rules from the past. Therefore I  recommend some rules that might not be as easily thrown out for the mere sake of individuality.

Firstly don’t wear white to a wedding, this is one rule I must enforce. The only person who should be wearing a white dress at a wedding is the main attraction the bride. It’s ok if your out fit has white in it but at all costs avoid head to toe white .

Wear off-white in cooler climates, you don’t want to blend in to the snowy surroundings and most stylists and fashionistas agee that cream or beige clothing works better than stark white for winter.

Wear the right shoes . Nothing looks worse than blacks pumps paired with a white lightweight dress. This combination should be avoided at all costs. If you wear a white dress in the spring or summer choices should be natural or white sandals.You could oeven add the appropriate splash of colour , no black. If you choose to wear white in fall or winter a better choice is brown shoes.

One last rule that I like to enforce ,apply and encourage is no white clothes in city environments. For anyone living in a busy city and relies mainly on public transit or taxis , wearing white is courting disaster. What with taxis , subways , buses  and puddles  it would be amazing if your white  outfit made thru the day. You would be a soiled mess.Hence that’s why so many urbanites tend to wear our slimming friend black.

Still Thinking of Wearing White?

Whether you walk to the beat of a different drummer , or you adhere to the rules , the modern truth lies somewhere inbetween. We might not all be going off to Wimbledon or chartering a yacht on the Riviera , wearing white  is for everyone. Just take heed to my basics and you won’t go wrong ,
Ciao for now Jandrew



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