Getting to know me getting to know all about me….

The purpose of this post is , getting to know me .Why write a blog? I suppose there are as many reasons as there are bloggers. Many blogs exist to  sell goods and market something. I’m here to tell you that one day that may well be my objective.  Right now I’m more interested in createing an online presence,  Giving my readers some insight into who I am .  Therefore what I love, and the knowledge and joy that I can share.

I love ; old movies, vintage clothes , books, the theatre , drag queens, flowers, beaches, beautiful fabrics, gravy ,lipstick, travel, trannies , beehives , tacos, gypsies,Elizabeth Taylor, Shakespeare, caftans, tea cups,………getting to know meskirtlengthsimage image

The list goes on forever, my point is although centered on fashion , vintage clothes and style this  blog is about things I love and will  share.

It’s all about getting to know me

I give fashion advice, educate on fashion history ,designers and share whatever else interests me. Inconclusion I love to share my knowledge of fashion , film, style, hence this broadens your points of view. Together join  me ,  as we  delve into great designers past and present, fashion icons and what makes them so  great, styles and trends.This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,

Ciao for now Jandrew

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