Remembering Sonia Rykiel

JRemembering Sonia Rykiel, known as the Queen of Knitwear. The legendary French designer died Thirsday Aug 25 th , she had been suffering from Parkinson’s

Nathalie Rykiel the fashion icons daughter and manager of the Sonia Rykiel label, reported her mother’s passing. Sonia Rykiel died early in the morning, due to the effects of Parkinson’s .

Rykiels’ Contibution to Fashion

I have always admired the contributions that women designers have made to the design world thus, Sonia Rykiel is no exception . Her first store opened in Paris in 1968 . Her empire grew to include menswear, children’s wear, accessories and perfumes.

Furthermore her greatest contribution in my opinion was to the freeing  of women from the confines of suits and restrictive garments. Therefore allowing women to enjoy the freedom of knitwear . She starting out knitting her own maternity dresses consequently she knitted and embroidered an empire.

Her free spirited knits and her own  website and company philosophy encouraged a woman’s eccentricity. Being different  defined Rykiel”s life and style. Sonia’s clothes were descibed as boyish hence leading to liberating women from bras.

 As we bid Adieu to this great woman of style and ingenuity , I  suggest to you all to look at the art of this designer and find what made her GREAT !!

Ciao for now Jandrew

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