Elegant Style, Duchess of Cambridge in Canada

The Duchess Of Cambridge showed her sleek elegant style yet again while visiting Canada. The Duchess was impeccable on her families recent visit to Canada,s picturesque west coast.Prince William and Kate traveled with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte ,starting their week long .The Royals delighted the crowds throughout their visit. Throngs of people gathered at each stop of the Royal tour. Kate always polished and poised showed an array of fall fashion that delighted onlookers . I  would like to examine her style from the tour and breakdown what looks you may duplicate this fall.

Kate’s Elegant Style

 Semi-Formal Elegance.

Duchess of cambridge      The Duchess of Cambridge put on a Royal fashion show while in Canada. Arriving in a beautifully tailored Jenny Packham pencil dress. The brilliant lapis blue assemble was paired with a matching fasinator and a maple leaf brooch. The brooch borrowed from the Queen has been on many Canadian tours. Catherine was pristine in this elegant blue dress. The dress was the perfect choice for an afternoon semi-formal event.

If considering to duplicate this look you must first break down the elements. Therefore looking at the elements that made it so successful. Firstly the fit , the dress was perfectly fitting to her body. If you want to copy this look you must ensure a perfect fit. Therefore you may consider having your garment professionally altered . Another alternative is to be familiar with the label and that their sizing is accurate. Choose a color that suits you as well this bright blue suited Kate. Wearing a favorite color will bring you alive hence you don’t have to wear blue when you suit pink better.Lastly the element that I always stress is silhouette. If you are familiar with my advice from my blogs , you know I am all about silhouette. A trick to always use is to stand back  from a floor length mirror and take in the silhouette.

Elegant Style is  Her Brand

VANCOUVER, BC - SEPTEMBER 25: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre by seaplane to meet dignitatries on September 25, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

As a  student of fashion and design a consumer or fashioniata get familar with always looking at silhouette.The above was outfit worn by Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge on day 2 of the tour. Here again the fit is perfect, the outline shape (silohouette) is flattering to Kates shape. This dress by Alexander McQueen was a tribute to the colors of Canada, a white dress with red embroidery. The pleated dress was altered from the original design changing the preportions by toning down the puffy sleeves, while still maintaining the shape.This would be a perfect choice for a luncheon , afternoon wedding or church. The elegant  style of Kate is captured in this Crisp white dress.

The Duchess Of Cambridge showed her sleek elegant style yet again while visiting Canada. The Duchess was impeccable on her families recentmbridge is the perfect ambassador because of her elegant style.She has won the hearts of Canadians. Choose to embrass  your own style add some elegance and you too can create a brand.

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