Vintage Style, Are you cut out for thrift store Treasures?

Vintage Style can be  found at thrift stores.The truth is thrift stores  are often a bit of a mystery .Thrift stores are not always vintage stores neither do they carry new garments. I’m a bit of a snob and anyone who knows me can attest I don’t really love secondhand shopping. By secondhand shopping I’m referring to thrift store shopping . Don’t get me started on the trips I’ve endured to  the Salvation Army thrift store, the Goodwill , St Vincent de Paul or countless other thrift stores. I could break out in a rash just thinking about it . The fact that most of them smell somewhere between grandma’s mothballs and the inside of an old work boot, doesn’t help.

Thank  vintage style lovers , who have created a whole new stream of ways to  market vintage clothes , accessories and products. I  have discovered something that many of you clever readers may or may not know . Vintage  is now a hot seller online.There are many websites and blogs that spealize in selling vintage clothing . Let’s explore a couple of my favorites.

vintage fashionVintage Style Online

This great store is rebellious by nature .The owner ELISA CASAS  is really a fashion lover who by her own admission hates trends. Someone after my own heart . After visiting her  store  I was delighted to find anything from Edwardian jewelry to a great 80’s Sonia Rykiel flouncy mini skirt .Chelsea Girl has been featured in countless articles  in Vogue, Elle ,The New york Times , and other publications. Check outChelsea Girl.

Vintage has been selling vintage clothing online since 1997. They offer a wide selection of vintage designer and non designer apparel at great prices.With over 6000 items listed , there is something for every girls taste,Something from a fabulous sixties sequin top to an “I Love Lucy” adorable day dress. Check out Vintage


Vintage Style, what to look for when shopping online

There are many more vintage style websites .  While I  find two that I enjoy and recommend , there are many more. What to look for when considering buying vintage online .A good selection is always a first consideration, because it’s always nice to be able to compare. When purchasing more than one item it always is good to have variety. Consider the shipping and return policies of the site ,sometimes these may determine wether you purchase or not. Sizing can be an issue with vintage clothes , therefore a return policy is always something to consider. Inconclusion do please go online and support Vintage retailers just make wise choices.

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