New Years Eve done Vintage

New Years Eve done Vintage

  New Years Eve is the perfect time to dress up. For us fashionistas it is a dream just to see everyone dressed to the nines. I feel that New Years Eve is one of the best times to experiment with something different. I love vintage clothes and New Years is the perfect opportunity to wear vintage .Many women fear vintage and think they will appear awkard ,in costume or out of fashion. I truly believe that fashion is what appears in magazines and style is what appears in life. Fashion the external , what's out there in the shops and the runways. Style the internal the expression of who you are and how you feel. The true marriage is when these elements unite. Hence you take the out there and personalize it to the in here ! That's when the magic is born and who doesn't want magic on New Years Eve.

New Years Eve with Fashion and Style

Fashion is a force for good. Yes it can be fickle and fraught with peril. While it is also the reason we are not all dressed like our grandparents. Fashion empowers us to change ,to move on, in everything from the patterns and proportions of our clothes to the cut and construction.

    With fashion alone we look like that ad in a magazine. If we too handily embrace only fashion we stand to lose our sense of self. This brings us to style, that of taste and  habit that is timeless and authentic in anyone.  But too much style can leave one trapped in the past. with  dresses too long ,collars  to big and bouffants instead of braids. For style to succeed it needs the helping hand  of fashion.

They're different style and fashion, but they are more connected than most of us know. Fashion without style  can be reckless. Style without fashion can be irrelevant .For a woman to dress well she must embrace both.When you have the balance of fashion and style only then can you wear vintage.

I have combined  3  looks that take elements of Vintage and Modern Fashion to create some successful ideas for New Years .

3 Great looks for New Years

1930's Vintage Gown


MAISON MARGIELA- open toe ankle boot

D & G = Red Sicily tote

1970's Yves Saint Laurent dress


LANVIN-silver strap pumps

LANVIN- Sugar shoulder bag

1950's Black Vintage dress


MARCHESA- Edith sandals

NIELS PEERAER - Pink clutch

     We will explore more about wearing vintage and the exciting world of fashion in future  posts .You can shop all shoes and handbags in my post and hopefully there is a look there that inspires you .

                                             Ciao for now Jandrew

One thought on “New Years Eve done Vintage

  1. LOVE the 1930s gown and the 1950s. So glam and so vintage! I do vintage all the time and change up my themes for NYE. This year we talked about going Speak Easy, but we’ll see. Last year was swanky Mad Men. That black dress would’ve been perfect!

    The 30s gown is perfect inspiration for the vintage fiction. It reminds me, I need a hot fashion scene with some full lenght gowns. Hmmmm…

    ~Tam Francis~

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