Winter Coats the Classic List of Must Haves!

Winter coats can have great style .Gone are the days when one winter coat would serve all your looks. The trend to diversify is here ! Unlike the hapless college student you once were you now need coats . I'm here to tell you that not all coats are equal and some may need a little more thought than others. It is well worth it to invest in certain classic coats and to maybe search the sales rack for others .

One thing you want to be sure of is that the outerwear is as good as the outfit underneath. I've done my research and I have some suggestions to put forward that will help you in deciding what coats you just need and what coats to splurge on.


1, A Trench Coat

No closet is complete without this classic.This is where I would suggest that you may make an investment that will pay off . A good classic trench coat should be waterproof and I suggest camel or taupe in color. If you already have made such an investment , you now add a secondary trench in a shorter style or surprising color.

Burberry - Balmoral Trench


Marc Jacobs - Trench

Vanessa- Trench Coat

2 The Duffle Coat

The Duffle coat is a winter classic, this outerwear option fastens with horn toggles, also known as walrus teeth, and rope closures. Other features include two large patch pockets, a hemline that falls right at the knee, and a hood. I remember it as the coat of all boy's and girl's who attended private school.

Cole Hann-Duffle Coat


Burberry Duffle coat

Carven-Duffle Coat

3 The Parka

Inspired by those worn in polar regions, this is a heavier version of the classic anorak. The hooded coats — most typically in shades of olive or army green — are the perfect casual cover-up for weekends out and about.Depending where you live this maybe a real necessity.With a great pair of boots and jeans your set .

Santuary Kara- Parka


Katherine Hamnett- Parka

Alexader McQueen- Parka

4 The Camel Coat

I would consider this the most classic of all coats. The Camel coat is the go to in the classic wardrobe.Wether you are off to office or the opera this coat lends it's self to all occasions. This may be one of your biggest investments as far as coats go ! A great Camel coat will see you through season's and season's and is never out of style.

Anne Klein- Maxi Camel Coat


Sandro Kava- Wool Coat

Balmain- Double Breasted Coat

5 Furry Warmth

The ultimate cold-weather protector is a fully lined fur coat. And if real fur isn't your thing, faux-fur alternatives serve the same purpose, often with a much more affordable price tag.This is where you can have some fun!!

Michael Kors- Faux Fur


Numerootto- Faux Fur Coat

Emillo Pucci-Racoon Panel Coat

Winter Coats

In conculsion shopping for a winter coat doesn't have to be a chore, Everthing I have shown is available through my affliates . Take my suggestions and choose coats that will last be classic and fun. Enjoy shopping and let me know about the coats that speak to you !!

 Ciao for now Jandrew

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