Fashion ; Does Glamour Still Exist In Fashion ?

Glamour is For the Glamorous

Does Glamour still exist in fashion? I have pondered this question for quit a while. My answer may surprise you, as it sort shocked me when I first came to it.I first thought about what is glamour . The English Oxford  dictionary gives the following definition  glamour:(glamor-American) the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special. So glamour is a quality ? Not a quality as in the standard of something measured against something  else, but a quality as in a distinctive attribute or characteristic  possessed by someone or something. So we now know that glamour is a quality. As far as I can ascertain then, the quality known as glamour is subjective.

What do I mean by subjective. Well subjective means that it is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes or opinions. So now I can start to understand why this was such a difficult question. What may have glamour to some may not have glamour to others . Therefore the question itself may be irrelevant.

Hold on a minute lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Glamour is like beauty in the eye of the beholder. So when considering this question we need to know is there a standard  of glamour,  much like the illusive standard of beauty. I venture to suggest gentle readers that indeed there is . You may or may not agree but if you have followed me this far be a little more patient and I'll try to explain my point.

The point that I have arrived at is that we hold all things to certain standards. Hence at the risk of sounding elitist we recognize certain things to be so because people  with expertise tell us so.Therefore because I believe something to be glamorous it is. If you are contemplating this question , you too may be glamorous. Therefore of course glamour still exists in fashion. Glamour is that special mix that makes something exciting ,charged with energy and appealing. Therefore glamour is for the glamorous .

Does Glamour still Exist in Fashion it does

Let me now not tell you what is glamorous to me .Better yet let me show you what is glamorous. Feel free to comment on this post as it does raise some questions . I love glamour and feel that is one of fashions most exciting elements. I have put together some great images and products to illustrate my love affair with glamour!


This look by one of my favorite design teams Dolce and Gabbana is glamorous. It is fresh exciting and exudes stlye. It has an engery and life that says something about the  woman who wears it. Glamour is something you can't really put into words.

To me this D&G Dress is glamorous!

This gorgeous dress by Marchessa Notte , is the epitome of glamour. The classic silhouette is timeless the beading and color are both elegant and exciting. Perfect glamour for any formal occasion.

This Marchesa Notte gown is ccassic and exudes glamour.

Few designers do glamour better than Valentino. This gown has an easy relaxed glamour that has all the elements of excitement and beauty. 

This stunning Valentino gown is the height of glamour

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