Gift list  for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to give and receive gifts to and from the ones you love. Therefore the standard gifts of flowers and chocolates are still great gifts. Depending wether you are buying for your partner, boy or girl friend ,steady date or friend with benefits ,may determine what you purchase. I love gifts like  jewellery or clothing due to the fact they last. While others may prefer gifts like candy and flowers . A Valentine's wish list for her may have a variety of these items ...

Loubiposh Heart-Studded Clutch

Miu Miu 52MM Heart Sunglasses

IRO Axelle Distressed Leather Jacket

Astley Diamond Gold 14K Locket

Dolci Follie lace kimono robe

Gucci-GG Supreme Shoulder bag




The ultimate date night is Valentine's Day.While you may have many date nights throughout the year, but apart from New Year's eve Valentines is by far the most noteworthy. Therefore it behooves us to make the extra effort to look our best. Most of all it is always important to DRESS THE PART.

Since dates can be stressful in general , this is magnified when the date is so momentous. Therefore it's important to be comfortable as well as dressed to kill.

"Dressing the Part" is not only my mantra but is a great rule of thumb.Dressing approriately for the nature of your dates will make you more comfortable. The variety of dates is endless you could being going to the local bar or bistro , a romantic walk round the park or a formal dinner.Using these examples let's discover some great finds to help you plan that perfect outfit for your Valentine's Day Experience.

Valentine's Day Date at a Casual Venue.

The big day has arrived and you need to know where you are going. Don't accept surprises when it comes to the venue for a date . While a surprise is good for a gift it doesn't work so well for a date .

Seems like you and your partner have decided on a casual venue for the big day . That could be a local bar , bistro ,comedy club or gastro pub. Therefore the style of the venue will help determine your style to "Dress the Part".

Elliot slim fit jeans

Alice + Olivia lace camisole

.Nicopanda faux fur jacket

.Maison Margiela ankle boots

Gucci GG marmont tote neutral



Valentine's Day Date in the Great Outdoors

Since the perfect date is in the eye of the beholder, and since we all have diffrent tastes the variety of dates are vast. Therefore for some the best date is to get outdoors.So wether your perfect date is strolling through the park holding hands or a walk uptown window shopping you must "Dress the Part". Since those February nights are chilly, you must dress warm yet still be stylish and I've got the look...

.Neil Barret trousers

Mr. & Mrs. Italy parka

.Vivienne Westwood tee-shirt

.Dr.Martens boots

Backpack By Love Moschino




Valentine's Day Date , A Romantic Dinner

The most common date idea for Valentine's Day is a romantic dinner. This probably means at a beautiful high end restaurant or 5 star hotel. Since Valentine's Day is such an important date night maybe I can take some of the stress out what to wear.You want to look your best, and you want to "Dress the Part".Hence I have put together an outfit to inspire you for your big date......

Victoria Beckham crepe dress

.Charlotte Olympia pumps

Henrk Vibssko cape

.Simone Rocha red earrings

Valentino clutch



Valentine's Day 2017

Especially relevant is that your gift list and your date night depend on you having a lover . Hence if this is not your case don't despair ,because Valentines Day is also great for a gals night out. Therefore many bars and clubs cater to single's nights on Valentines. Finally in addition you don't have to get stressed and worried about a big date night. Most of all throw caution to the wind and get out there girls. Since good things happen while you are not looking for them,and since you can't meet Mr. Right sitting at home.

In conclusion Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love.Finally here's hoping you all have a great Valentines, Ciao for now Jandrew

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