I'' was a child  in the  70's ( insert a scream) and have memories of the original hippies . Therefore I come to this boho chic thing tainted by my own perspective.. I am not a lover of hippie style that comes across with an authentic look .In other words dressing as a hippie is a costume and not a style of dressing. Since many of you know I have background in costume design and clothing history I know my stuff. Authentic reproductions of hippie costumes are certainly not what we want.

Fringes and suede aside there is a style to this new Boho look that is slightly different. There have been at least 5 incarnations of this trend. Every time there seems to be a lack of creativity in the design world the 70's are rehashed. What works for me this time is that there seems to be a little more glamour .

Boho with Glamour

The bohemian or hippie look of the 70's evolved from a movement that was based on a return to nature. While I'm a fan of nature , I'm not much of a fan of natural hippy dippy looks in fashion.. Most noteworthy this time around the color palette is bright and cheery. The seventies return to nature also meant a return to all natural fibers. Therefore raw cotton and jute , fabrics made from hemp and flax as well as macrame bags and belts were all the rage. I would rather eat a macrame belt than  wear one. There was little glamour in Boholooks of the 70's .

What is on trend with the Boho look this time is maxi and midi dresses. These dresses are made with lightweight transparent. fabrics trimmed with lace and eyelet, The loose fitting silhouettes and tiered dresses of 2017 have a sense of glamour and sex appeal. Therefore this new romantic Boho look is chic and cool. Since  a  style does not exist alone it takes in some of the other trends of pink, florals and ruffles. Discover the bohemian  earth mother looks from the runway at Gucci ,Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.


Zimmermann Karmic Aura Mirror Silk Mini Dress

Saks 5 th Avenue $1260

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 -Alberta Ferretti - off-the-shoulder midi dress
 Farfetch $2450

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Iro-lace-up neck dress
Farfetch $370

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Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini - asymmetric floral dress
Farfetch $2351

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Wandering - off-shoulder ruffle dress

Farfetch $1280

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Twin-Set - checked maxi dress -
Farfetch $350

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Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini - floral maxi dress
Farfetch $1390

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Dodo Bar Or - pom-pom fringe maxi dress
Farfetch $632

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Boho chic is a  trend that has come around many times since this style was born in the 1970's. This rebirth of Boho chic has a light and fresh look both in fabrication and design . The lovely sheer, light and gauzy nature of these dresses in fresh spring colors make this trend very wearable . Shop the looks I have put together for you and enjoy this trend . Ciao for now Jandrew

5 thoughts on “BOHO , HOW TO WEAR BOHEMIAN CHIC IN 2017.

  1. Great post! It’s true, the ’70s, ’80s, and now the ’90s keep getting rehashed. I appreciate the lightness of the current interpretation and how there is a little more sex appeal, as in off-the-shoulder sleeves, deep v-necklines, or spaghetti straps. The first Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress is my favorite! Thank you for featuring them, I love that brand but I feel like they are underrated.

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