Using a Fashion Stylist

. What must it be like to have that extra pair of eyes you trust . Someone who has demonstrated great taste and knowledge of fashion and trends. These are skills associated with being a fashion stylist.

You don't really know me , you could read my "about me page" on this blog. I actually hope that you already have. From my about me page you could find out some information and that may or may not help you to know me better. To be a fashion stylist it helps to know your client well. Since it is not always possible to know your clientele that well, it is important that the fashion stylist have great instincts. I have shopped with many friends and family who I knew well and this made the experience more successful. 


I remember distinctly taking a friend of mine shopping for her wedding dress. She was not a client , but a friend and we not only had a great time but we found the perfect dress . One of the main services a fashion stylist provides is to be that objective 2nd voice.


 If you were to do some research online you would find there are sites that offer on-line stylists( Stitch Fix, Dia & Co. ,Trunk Club). Since I have not used  these services it is hard to do a review of specific services. From what I gather the services are supposed to provide you with an online fashion stylist.

Most of these services follow the exact same formula .First of all you register on their website , where they have you fill out a detailed questionnaire . This information is then passed on to your fashion stylist . Once the  stylist has evaluated your file they proceed to send you a box of clothing . When you receive your box you have a few days to decide which if any of the items you will keep. I have spoken to several friends who have tried these services and their evaluations vary greatly . Since this info was not gathered in any measured way I can't really use it to come to an exact result on the merits of these services.

I have no reason to disparage the companies that run these fashion styling sites. I just really find it hard to see very much value to fashion lovers in these types of services. If you are a regular reader of my blog or other blogs you will  gather a lot of information on dressing , style , trends and clothes. I present to my readers an opportunity to learn about fashion from my unique perspective. I have a vast knowledge of clothing history ,design , designers and trends.I also have that gift of great taste and have always nurtured it. As well as being extremely modest.

Let me be your Fashion Stylist

I love presenting great fashion to you my readers . I have partnered with some wonderful affiliates to bring a selection of luxury goods.

When does someone really need a fashion stylist? I think these times are when you have an important life event .It could be a wedding, a graduation , a special trip. It's these times that you may want to reach out and find someone to help . Most of us have lots of friends , they are not always the most impartial  when you are asking for advice. Hence feel free to contact me about your fashion questions , your stylist enquiries , and contact me if you want a fashion stylist to work with you . Contact me through this site and we can negotiate an arrangement that will work for both of us .


Introducing a New Partner

In my never ending search to provide you with new fresh fashion I would like to introduce you to my new partners IRO.

IRO, a Paris based fashion brand founded by brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton in 2005. With Back-ground in the music industry Laurent and Arik decided to channel their love for music into a different medium: fashion.

Inspired by fashionable women in their inner circle of friends they decided to create a clothing line that had a distinct vintage feel and at the same time mirrored nonchalant, easy chic style. By combining great craftsmanship, attention to details and the finest materials the IRO collections found their own unique voice within the fashion world.

In 2006 the first IRO flagship store opened its doors in the famous Saint Germain des prés district in Paris. The first store was quickly followed by another location on Rue Vieille du Temple in Le Marais and later in 2011 another two stores opened on Rue Etienne Marcel and Rue Saint Sulpice. Today, IRO has over 25 stores worldwide with both Men’s and Women’s categories offering ready to wear, accessories, footwear and small leather goods.

 I would like to encourage you to shop this new line here on my site. I have an assortment of great pieces for your spring  wardrobe.

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In conclusion ,today I covered a couple of topics . I hope some of you enjoy and partake in my offer for fashion styling. With  all the access we have to each other I enjoy the comments and feedback and engaging with followers. 

Ciao for now Jandrew


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