Melania Trump is First Lady

On November 9th I awoke and shook my head , hoping that I had just woken from a bad dream . It wasn't a dream and Donald Trump was the next president of the United States,I cried. The whole world had been fixated as a misogynistic bully whined and ranted his way to the Whitehouse. While the world worried for its future , the bully and his trophy wife started a four-year term as President and First Lady.

First Lady Style

The position  of first lady doesn't really have a job description. Many of the  20 th and 21 st century first ladies have adopted causes to support. While they busied themselves with the arts , wars on drugs, highway beautification and other causes we looked at the first lady for her style.

Since I'm interested in fashion and style, I look at first ladies through that lens. While I am probably older than most of you , I also have studied fashion history. Yet I 'm not interested in dissecting the style of Abigail Adams or writing a thesis on the clothing of Mary Todd Lincoln. The first ladies style  that I want to examine is the differences between the most current first ladies Melania Trump and Michelle Obama.

Melania Trump & Michelle Obama All Politics Aside

Its hard  not to insert politics into this discussion on style .I am dealing with two political figures .Therefore let me make it abundantly clear I in no way want this article to be an endorsement of Melania Trump or Donald Trump. Since I believe I have made my views clear. Donald Trump is a horrible person. Girl I don't mince my words when it comes to issues concerning human rights. Through contamination Melania Trump is as guilty as her despicable husband. Therefore the fact that this vapid ex-model has access to a fortune to dress herself does not go unnoticed. I'm writing this post because it is topical and it interests me. So bear with me gentlewomen .While I'm interested in examining First Lady style , does not mean I am impartial politically . Therefore if you by rare chance are a Trump supporter who has stumbled upon this post please open your mind. As an out proud gay man who stands for the right of all people I can't excuse the ignorance of Donald Trump and his followers.

 Michelle Obama Flotus Style.

All things considered it may be hard to compare Michelle Obama who was flotus for 8 years to Melania Trump whose tenure is only 4 months. However it is true that Melania Trump has been a public figure for many years.

Michelle Obama's style developed over her time in the Whitehouse. What I  will miss about seeing her style is her constant support of American designers. She engaged with up and coming artists, like Brandon Maxwell who she wore to the state dinner in Singapore. Maxwell is known as the stylist for Lady Gaga. No doubt we didn't see Ms Obama clad in a meat dress , but her intention was to encourage and support the creative community.

In the same way every outfit choice Michelle makes tells a story. Michelle rotates between her favorite London  fashion houses when she's in the U.K. and she wore a Narciso Rodriguez dress to meet with Melania Trump for the first time. First and foremost Rodriguez is a Cuban-American designer who had a strong immigrant success story. Her wardrobe tells the story that may not always need to be voiced

melania trump


Michelle Tells Her Story

Ultimately Michelle carefully uses her clothing to tell a story or to convey a mood. Arguably she may feel  forced by the media and society to become more fashion conscious but she does succeed. Throughout her period in the Whitehouse Michelle mixed high and low. She wore a J.Crew studded belt with a Thom Browne plaid coat because it was fun and it felt right, She was discovering what she liked.

In conclusion once she did, she selected designs that did all the right things :they flattered  her body by showing off her toned arms or they  celebrated the holiday with color and tone. They purposefully showed support for certain cultures or countries . Michelle's outfits were not always perfect. More over they were real clothes, lived in , mothered in and something women could relate  to. Hence her outfits were well thought out ,brave , bold and irrefutably .American.




Melania Trump Style

Melania Trump has been in the public eye for many years.  Introduced to me  when CBS's Lesley Stahl stared her down during the Trump family interview.  Stahl ,warning her that first ladies have been famously scrutinized and that they must present themselves "with not a hair out of place," Melania didn't bat an eyelash. Throughout the entirety of her husband's campaign, Melania wore a lineup of sophisticated looks that are nothing short of appropriate. They are what you'd call modern FLOTUS attire: well-tailored, modest, sleek, but with a bold twist thanks to an ultrasaturated color or a trendy sleeve Her inauguration wardrobe was no different


melania trump

melania trump



Melania Trump No Story Here

Therefore these pieces got her noticed; some of those pieces sold out instantly, right after she debuted them. Melania possesses the allure of a first lady. It might even be more uniquely exciting that Melania has shopped for a handful of these looks herself. Melania Trump counts covetable designers like Roksanda, Gucci, and Antonio Berardi as her favorites. Time will tell whether fashion houses begin to dress her more- Herve` Pierre dressed Melania trump for the Inaugural ball. In my opinion whether you are  Democrat or Republican, it is  hard to knock her elegant gown.

The narrative of Michelle Obama's wardrobe speaks to her strong political convictions and ideology . For instance the care taken to promote American, consider the culture of her hosts , and the comfort of her guests. At the same time Melania Trump has reflected no strong ideology . Like her husband they are much less concerned with promoting political ideals. Melania wears clothing like a model , with no evident affiliation to the clothes. Therefore this runway look tells us nothing of her beliefs , or character. While appearing beautiful and polished these her clothes have fashion sense , but no personal style. Therefore it is hard to nail down Melania . She appears more like a styled persona than a person with style. 

Melania Trump in First Lady Style


Melania Trump in an Alxeander McQueen ,day dress. 


Also by McQueen this day dress is younger and has a more daring style.
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Michael Kors

This Michael Kors jacket is embroidered with hundreds of crystals although nice not appropriate  for the address to Congress.

A much more appropriate blazer without the crystals also by Michael Kors
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Melania Trump in Givenchy red caped dress .

This is the same red dress by Givenchy, perfect day dress , perhaps styled with pumps and not flats
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Melania Trump wearing a Mugler dress with cutout and high slit

From the same collection this Mugler dress has more definition with the black detailing.
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The Roksanda dress worn by Melania at GOP convention , sold out within an hour of her speech.

This is the same Roksanda dress in a lovely salmon shade.
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First Lady Melania Trump wore a  Simone Rocha white dress belted and sleeveless

This is the Simone Rocha broderie anglaise dress, shown here.
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In Conclusion

While life does not always give us what we want it can be possible to find something to be positive about. I can admit that although personal style may be lacking Melania Trump projects an impeccable image. Her clothes are carefully chosen, perfectly fitted, and  fashionable .On the other hand Michelle Obama has a public image that although not always perfectly styled , tells us who and what she is about. Ciao for now.Jandrew.     


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