Luxury fashion is on sale. My darlings it's not always easy to be the promoter of luxury fashion. In my opinion I do have a strong bias for top quality goods. Since many of you who are familiar with me , you will know I have a mantra " buy quality for wardrobe staples ".  In fact  go to Zara, Mango and Asos  for trendy items that you will wear once or twice.

Of course you can toss all these rules right out the window when it comes to sales. No doubt sales are getting better and better each year as competition in the luxury market grows. Since I spend a huge amount of time working with my affiliates I am familiar with the prices and the great sale prices .

Since you must be finished your Christmas shopping by now , It's time to consider what you will purchase from the great sales for yourself. While I suggest shopping online as the easiest way , I have added some shopping tips for navigating these incredible sales.


1. Luxury Fashion Do: Redefine What's "Worth It" Over Time

My personal rule is to always to buy the best you can afford. Since quality always matters try to choose the highest quality item you can afford. Therefore for example, when buying a Ivory cashmere sweater, the first one you purchase might cost around $100. In fact you love it and wear it all the time. Hence the next one you purchase is a little more—maybe $500. Therefore over time, you will redefine what is "worth it," and in turn, what isn't. It is a journey of luxury fashion as an investment

2. Luxury Fashion Don't : Don't: Tuck Away Your Purchases for Special Occasions

Darlings I have one rule that I try to follow: If I'm going to spend the money on something, I want to use it. Furthermore I don't believe in saving things for special occasions .For those who treat designer goods like stolen treasure locked away in a safe, know that fashion is meant to be functional. Therefore treat it that way. Ultimately a luxury fashion hidden in the back of your closet may as well stay in the shop.

3. Luxury Fashion Do: Spend More, Save More

If you can,you should invest in every single thing you buy. Echoing the idea of sustainable fashion, aim to buy better things and have them last rather than trying to save money. At the end of the day, you'll save by not racking up piles of clothes you wore only once. A tight edit of quality, classic items is the foundation of a good wardrobe. In my opinion I will allow for the occasional trendy Zara piece , but overall aim for quality garments.

4. Luxury Fashion Don't: Splurge on Throwaway Items

The only time I would recommend buying an inexpensive version of something is if you know you're only going to use it once or twice. For instance I have an amazing customer who wanted to buy a backpack specifically for her trip to Mexico. However there's no way she was ever going to use that backpack after that trip was over.  Therefore I advised her to get an inexpensive backpack rather than a luxury version.

5. Luxury Fashion Do: Know What You Love

My dears if you're not a bag person, there's no need for you to splurge on a Chanel 2.55. Therefore when purchasing an investment piece know that you will want to live with it for a long time. Of course you need to have your own personal style. With this in mind you may be the next fashion icon an Iris Apfel or Isabel Blow. Thus maybe you choose a certain individual style that you just love. The great vogue editor Diana Vreeland wore the same bracelets with almost everything.Therefore if you have a signature style or items you love , it is most important that they be of top quality.



Asymmetrical Belted Long Coat.Since My objective here is to give you the best value for your money I've selected this dark grey classic wool coat. While being classic it also offers some great unique details.
$3,550 | 65% off $1,243

luxury fashion

Leather Belted Moto Jacket with Shearling Panel.Interestingly this biker jacket will be a go to for years to come. Since a biker jacket is a signature item , this piece is a great buy from one of my favorite labels Proenza Schouler.
$4,950 | 65% off $1,733

luxury fashion

Ribeiro Crystal slit dress. In my opinion another LBD is always a great addition to any wardrobe. Therefore this slip dress will add a great option to your style. Since this dress will sell fast order now!
$1,347 | 70% off $405

Luxury fashion

Ruffle sleeve shirt. Since every wardrobe needs a few classic white shirts this is a perfect one. Tibi is a great label and offers superior quality.
$453 | 50% off $227

luxury fashion

Tapered suit. No doubt every woman should have at least one suit if not more.While many may favor black I'm a fan of a more versatile grey or blue that can go from season to season.
$1,685 | 50% off $843

Classic double breasted coat. Arguably no one does outerwear better than Balenciaga. Therefore in the great tradition of this house is this elegantly classic checked coat. Hence no wardrobe should be without.
$2,400 | 40% off $1,440

luxury fashion

Studded Sofia tote.In my opinion Ferragamo is luxury. As a matter of fact this black is an ideal classic design and is definitely priced to sell.
$2,600 | 40% off $1,560

Buckle shoulder bag. Actually this bag is a great find and meets both style and practical needs. Furthermore you can select from an array of colors.
$565 | 40% off $339

Lucia tote. Of course anyone who is familiar with me knows that I love Dolce & Gabbana . Therefore I suggest this great bag ,the highest quality and superior craftsmanship, all wrapped up in fabulous style.
$2,495 | 40% off $1,497

Infinity Saddle bag. At this point we can't consider classic style without looking at Givenchy. With this in mind I have selected this saddle bag , illustrating the epitome both classic style.
$2,350 | 40% off $1,410


Darlings this post features luxury fashion on sale at my favorite affiliate ,FARFETCH. Since this will be my last post before Christmas , I wish you all Happy Holidays. Ciao for now  Jandrew


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