The SAG awards are the annual occasion for actors and actresses to heap praise on each other. One of the younger award shows on the block, the SAG Awards were established only 24 years ago. They were formed by the Screen Actors Guild, the union formed in 1933 to represent film performers worldwide.  Moreover at the onset of the first ceremony in 1995, the legendary Angela Lansbury took the stage to emphasize why the night mattered.

"Tonight is dedicated to the art and craft of acting by the people who should know about it: actors," she told the crowd of nominees and presenters gathered at Universal Studios' Stage 12. "And remember, you're one too!"

Darlings that's all well and good! However my concerns are in one place The SAG Awards,The Red Carpet.


Of course we saw the stars don black in support of the the Time's Up movement at the Golden Globes. While I am unfaltering in my support of this and other progressive movements, I sort of missed some color. I say I sort of, as I wrote my post about how black emphasized the silhouettes."The Golden Globes: Black Dresses, Protest, and Exciting Silhouettes".

the sag awards

Since my dears I'm sitting writing this in real time, who know's if we will see the same ebony protest. In fact I've had contact with some stylists and they assure me color is in the mix.

Furthermore darling's I always watch these events with the hope to pass information on to you.  To clarify what fashion we see and the value it has to us as fashion followers . Usually I will observe a particular trend or style that I as an expert recognize. Furthermore I will pass on my overview and insight. 


The Sag awards red carpet (like all red carpets)is a show case for the great work of dress designers. While the red carpet to the untrained eye is usually a similar event, fashion always has trends. Therefore I watched closely to determine what trends I detected. On the whole the majority of what was worn was lovely. However darlings there are always the blatant mistakes, those dresses that standout for all the wrong reasons. However I won't dwell on the dresses that missed the mark, I prefer to look at the gowns that worked.

In my opinion what stood out about the best dresses that worked was structure. In fact the cut of a dress dictates the silhouette, the style and most importantly the fit. Furthermore if any of you have constructed a garment you will be aware the more seams and pattern pieces the better the fit. Hence the theme that really stood out was architecture of the gowns. Since many of you know I have a background in costume design , a term we used was to build the costume. Similarly these structured gowns are built like a building with the foundation of the garment being the most important. By all means we never dismiss color, fabric and decoration in this case however the trend is  structured gowns.


the sag awards
Lupita Nyong'o

One of my favorite gowns of the night is this stunning dress by Ralph & Russo Couture. In this case the dress makers have used seams running the length of the dress to achieve an incredible fit. Furthermore the ombre sequin and feather trim complete this gorgeous look.

the sag awards
Nicole Kidman

Since the trend I have Identified is the structured well fit gown this dress is a perfect example. As an illustration of my point this gown by Armani Privé is a tailored gown that has a perfect fit . Truly Armani  has always been know for exceptional tailoring, structure and fit .

the sag awards
Reese Witherspoon

In light of the color not being a personal favorite this Zac Posen dress was cut so beautifully. In this case the dress is perfectly fit and hangs with such an elegant line. 

The sag awards
Dakota Fanning

While this dress does not have a structured skirt the bodice is beautifully constructed. In this case the bodice makes the dress. Additionally this gown by Prada is an example of my other noted color trend , what I'll call blush.

the sag awards
Susan Sarandon 

Ms. Sarandon is a strong woman and the dress she chose stands up to that strength. Notably this stunning gown was designed by another strong woman Alberta Ferretti. That is to say this gown reflects the client perfectly and the cut and the fit are superb. To sum up  it is so important for any of you who are considering fashion as a career from designer to blogger, examine clothing closely and learn about design and construction.

the sag awards
Allison Williams

Since what we are looking at is the structured dress ,you need not look any farther. Moreover this dress by Ralph & Russo Couture is the perfect example. As an illustration of a structured gown this one  has a bodice that is fit so well and constructed so perfectly. In this case the gown appears it could stand on its own , giving it sculptural feeling. Furthermore this dress is my 2nd place for best dress of the night.



the sag awards
Holly Hunter

Ironically , those who follow me will be aware that I am a designer who usually loves excess . Therefore it may come as a surprise that my favorite gown of The Sag Awards is this dress by Paul Ka . In this case the cut of this gown is magnificent. The structure of the gown  uses pleating , seams and the cut to get this simply beautiful silhouette. Elegant and simple this dress makes my point , about structure and cut being everything.


Darlings as I've laid out, structure is the architecture of the dress . Dress designers have many skills to manipulate fabric to create extraordinary dresses. Therefore using pleats, darts ,seams and other skills a dress is created .Above all else structured dresses work with curves and shape of your body , it's all about the fit . Therefore I can't stress too much that you find a good seamstress or better yet become one. Nonetheless look at my choices that will lead you towards understanding what a structured dress is about . Shop my choices and most of all educate yourself on fashion , even if you only use it to look fantastic.

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structured side slit gown

the sag awards


Darlings , I hope this post was as much fun for you as it was for me.In conclusion I have chosen some great dresses to illustrate my point. All of these dresses are available from my affiliates , so buy early as some are on great sale prices and will sell out . 


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