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Launched in 2015 “Dress the Part ” jandrewspeaks.comis for all you fashion students, fashionista’s and fashion lovers. If you love fashion and style you’ll be right at home here.

About jandrewspeaks Content

I created this blog because of my love of Fashion. I love both vintage and modern fashion . You will get fashion inspiration, from an encouraging , knowlegable voice. I write about a variety of interesting subjects checkout my pages on Fashion Icons, those I consider great in the fashion world and why. Explore my artcles on adapting and integrating vintage clothing into your modern wardrobe.With fun and flaire I write about lastest styles , classic’s, fit and design.

Who am I

Firstly and most importantly I am a lover of Fashion. From a very young age I loved to design create and expolre the world of fashion and costume . I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, in Costume Design and Art History.

After working as a theatrical costume designer , teacher and artist , I have recently dedicated myself to writing this blog .

Please follow me on twitter , subscribe to my blog and let’s dicover the world of fashion together,

Ciao for now Jandrew

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